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Titanium Medical Bars

It is now the metal of choice for prosthetics, internal fixation, inner body devices, and instrumentation. Titanium is used from head to toe in biomedical implants. ... Some medical implants, as well as parts of surgical instruments are coated with titanium nitride

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Ti6Al4V ELI bars as per ASTM F136 & ISO 5832-3

TA6V ELI combines low density, excellent biocompatibility, low elastic modulus and high strength. It is therefore well adapted to human implant production. Process includes multiple melting operations, which ensure a very low level of impurities.

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Titanium Gr.5 bars as per ASTM B348

These offer long-term services for your engineering and household applications. With resisting property of corrosion these are suitable for marine environments. Its exceptional feature of wearing heat makes is ideal for designing any types of equipment.

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Titanium Gr.5 Bars as per AMS 4928

Titanium has very high strength around 1000 MPa for Grade 5. Five times that of ordinary steels. Even pure titanium is quite strong with Grade 2 being around 350 MPa. ... It is circa half the weight of steel for the same volume with a density of 4.5 g/cc vs 7.8 for steels

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